NHL March 15th

We’ve seemed to hit a hot streak right away with a full score on our first 4 picks! With 11 games on the menu today there seems to be a couple of good plays. Lets hope we can keep the streak active as we move forward with tonights two picks. Yesterdays games were great, with 7 goals in all 3 games there were plenty of action. The over 5,5 pick seemed to be secured early as the Devils and Flyers got off to a flying start, scoring a total of 4 goals in the 1st period!! The victory for the Flames was a bit more difficult, as we had to wait until the 3rd period before they pulled away and secured a comfortable 5-2 WIN!

Columbus Blue Jackets – Chicago Blackhawks (March 15th | 00:05)

chicago-blackhawksTonights first pick are the Blackhawks. They’ve had a record season so far with at least a point in 23 games in a row. The last two they lost to the Avalanche and the Oilers. Tonight it’s time to get back on track in the beautiful Nationwide Arena in Columbus. The Blue Jackets, as we know, lost to the Canucks two days ago after a very good spell, winning 5 in a row. I believe that there is a big difference in the quality of the teams, and the class of the Blackhawks will bring them back on track. As they fight to break their losing streak. Hopefully their lead in the Western Conference will be extended.

Our pick: Chicago Blackhawks ML (Included OT and Penalties)
Odds: 1.58 @ B365
Units: 10

Tampa Bay Lightning – New York Islanders (March 15th | 00:35)

IslanderGirlTonights second game will be the Islanders against Tampa Bay Lightning. We fancy a tight game, where the Islanders come out on top. The Lightning got a very, very lucky win last game against their rivals, the Panthers. The Panthers outshot the Lightning with 26(!!) shots, but managed to lose the game. This shows how poor the Panthers goalscoring abilities are. The main reason why I believe that the Islanders will get the win tonight is that the creativity and the power, the Lightning showed earlier in the the season seems to be gone. But of course we know what they are capable of with players like Stamkos, St. Louis and the young rookie Conacher.

Our pick: NY Islanders ML (Included OT and Penalties)
Odds: 2.05 @ B365
Units: 5

– RavenXXIII


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