NHL March 20th

Great night yesterday with both picks going our way. The Rangers had to go to a shootout to beat the Canes and the Stars beat the Flames in regular time. Tonight we are looking to extend our streak from 4-in-a-row to 6-in-a-row.

   Winnipeg Jets – Boston Bruins (March 20th | 01.05)

The Bruins are set to take on the Jets in Canada tonight. After losing a close game to the Penguins on Sunday, the Bruins want a win here tonight. It’s the 3rd time they meet this short-season and the Bruins won both of the previous games. We think they will win their 3rd in a row against the Jets tonight. It will be a tight and physical game where the toughest team comes out as the winner. We believe the Bruins will bounce back after their defeat to the Penguins.

Our pick: Boston Bruins ML (Included OT and Penalties)
Odds: 1.74 @ B365
Units: 7

   New York Islanders – Ottawa Senators (March 20th | 00.05)

The Islanders are back in New York after a 2-game spell in Florida where they won both games. Today they take on the Senators who beat the Jets in their last game. We think the Islanders will get the 2 points today because of their good play recently. Even though the Senators played a very good game against the Jets, we think the home-ice advantage will go the Islanders way tonight. It will be a very tight game, so we play the moneyline. Since the start of this blog, the Islanders have given us profit both times we believed in them, so lets hope that continues.

Our pick: New York Islanders ML (Included OT and Penalties)
Odds: 1.76
Units: 7

– RavenXXIII


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