NHL March 25th

Current streak: 4

Calgary Flames – St. Louis Blues (March 25th | 01:05)

This is a game Calgary has to win as they’re on a 3-game losing streak. Flames are better at home than away and need we believe that together with the fact that the Blues played last night will be the key-elements which will tip this match in favour of the Flames!

Our pick: Calgary Flames ML (Included OT & Penalties)
Odds: 2,1 @ B365
Units: 7

Colorado Avalanche – Vancouver Canucks (March 25th | 01:05)

Colorado’s season is pretty much over and all they got to play for are spots in the rotation and we believe that the Canucks will take this as they have to keep the points coming in. The last time Avalanche beat the Canucks was in 2011!

Our pick: Vancouver Canucks ML (Included OT & Penalties)
Odds: 1,68 @ B365
Units: 7

– RavenXXIII


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