MLB April 4th and 5th

Getting negative numbers for the first time of the season was a bummer going 1/3 on the main picks last night. But we need to get back on that horse and bring those numbers in. As predicted Sandoval contributed with a homer, and luckily the Dodgers didn’t manage to damage the Giants even tho Lincecum managed to walk 6 batters. The Giants were very focused and great in the tight spots last night. Today I’ve decided to go with fewer picks in hope of raising the profit a bit!


Chicago White Sox (Gavin Floyd) – Kansas City Royals (Jeremy Guthrie) (April 4th |20:10)

The Royals has lost their two starting games at U.S. Cellular field! I believe tonights game will be the turning point for the Royals. Guthrie did ok in Spring training while his opponent Gavin Floyd had a horrible spring! Why the odds is in favour of the White Sox I don’t really understand. The Royals have been up against two great pitchers in the first two games and has to get in the win column tonight. The Royals were the best team overall in Spring training going 25-7, no other team was even close to that! Together with the odds this is a fantastic play if you ask me.

Our pick: Kansas City Royals
Odds: 2.14 @ B365
Units: 4

New York Yankees (Andy Pettitte) – Boston Red Sox (Ryan Dempster) (April 5th | 01:05)


This pick you’ll find shocking. I actually believe that the Yankees will be swept at home in their opening series at HOME! Well, I’ve got my reasons. Granderson looks to still be on the DL, the offense haven’t been producing at all. Especially Cano has been icecold. The Yankees didn’t splash the cash this season and I believe that this might be a terrible year for the Yanks if they don’t make some changes. Ryan Dempster is a force on the mound and with the Red Sox offense red hot you don’t have to be a genious to try to take advantage of the once again great value there is in this play!

Our pick: Boston Red Sox
Odds: 2.12 @ B365
Units: 2

Toronto Blue Jays (Mark Buehrle) – Cleveland Indians (Brett Myers) (April 5th | 01:05)

The last pick is a risky but valuable one. The Blue Jays are predicted to be one of the elite teams this year. They’ve lost both opening games at home to Cleveland but their offense is able to deliver alot of power and should be able to produce alot of runs if they just get started. I don’t think they’ll be swept at home with this team and Mark Buehrle is an experienced pitcher at the mound which should be able to lead this team hopefully to a large victory.

Our pick: Toronto Blue Jays -3.5
Odds: 4.35 @ B365
Units: 1



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