MLB April 7th

After taking some resting days we hope to be back on top of our game. Tonight I’ve found a couple good plays. As the latest day I feel more and more comfortable with some of my picks and will therefore increase the use of my units a little.

New York Mets (Aaron Laffey) – Miami Marlins (Jose Fernandez) (April 7th | 19:10)


The “amazing” Mets has gotten off to a good start currently 3-2. They hosted the Padres at home in the first round and kept it up last night beating the Marlins. The Marlins will start the rookie Jose Fernandez and as this is his debut in the Major league I believe we might see alot of nerves right from the off. The Mets has also shown good shape lately which makes me believe they’ll take this one home. The odds is also playable which means this will be our first pick of the day.

Our pick: Miami Marlins
Odds: 1.76 @ B365
Units: 3

Tampa Bay Rays (David Price) – Cleveland Indians (Justin Masterson) (April 7th | 19:40)

This play is the riskiest today. The Indians has been shutout by the Rays and tonight it’s the two aces on the mound. Justin Masterson was exceptional in his first outing against the notorious Blue Jays. I hope to see another stellar performance from the right hander. David Price is one of the best at his job going 20-5 last season. The main reason I put down this bet is the value, the fact that the Indians have improved their offense in the offseason and the fact that they lost the first two games. I don’t think they’ll be swept here with their ace on the mound. Still a low-unit bet.

Our pick: Cleveland Indians
Odds: 2.80 @ B365
Units: 1

Philadelphia Phillies (Cole Hamels) – Kansas City Royals (James Shields) (April 7th | 19:35)

Philadelphia Phillies v Cincinnati Reds

Again we have a though pitching duel. This is my main pick of the day. The fact that Cole Hamels was horrible in his first outing were he gave up 5 earned runs in 5 innings really convinced me. It’ll be fun to see how he rebounds from that at home vs the Royals. If the Royals get under his skin early this might get nasty! Shields on the other hand gave up 1 in his first 6 innings. The Royals lost a close game yesterday and beat the crap out of the Phillies the first time around. I believe this game will be close, but I think the Royals will pick the longest straw. The odds is also very good which is why I see alot of Value her!

Our pick: Kansas City Royals
Odds: 2.17
Units: 5

– Salt.


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