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National Hockey League

NHL April 12th

A very bad night yesterday when the Rangers lost. But we need to get things going again.

Here are the picks for tonight.

Washington Capitals – Carolina Hurricanes (April 12th |  01:05)

This will be a good game where the offensive players will dominate. I believe Ovechkin will continue his good form and contribute with a goal. If Carolina wants something from this game, a player like Eric Staal needs to be at his best. I believe he will at least get one point out of this game.

Our pick: Alexander Ovechkin scores
Odds: 2.35 @ Betsafe
Units: 1

Our pick: Eric Staal over 0,5 points
Odds: 1.60 @ Betsafe
Units: 1

Minnesota Wild – St. Louis Blues (April 12th | 02:05)

The recent games between these sides have ended with St. Louis as the winner. Tonight I think the Wild will get their revenge home in Minnesota. I believe Zach Parise will be the difference in a very tight game that may go to OT.

Our pick: Minnesota Wild ML (Included OT and Penalties)
Odds: 1.92 @ Betsafe
Units: 3

Lets hope things work out better tonight, LEGGO!

– RavenXXIII.


NHL April 11th

Low on time lately so no explanation

New York Rangers – Toronto Maple Leafs (April 11th | 01:05)

Pick 1: Rangers (3-way)
Odds: 2.05 @ Betsafe
Units: 10

Pick 2: Nash to score
Odds: 2.40 @ Betsafe
Units: 2


NHL April 10th

A small profit yesterday even tough the Rangers lost. It was a close game that could have gone either way, but the Leafs came out on top. Rick Nash scored two goals to help with the over-play.

Columbus Blue Jackets – San Jose Sharks (April 10th |  01.05)

I believe this will be an high-scoring game. The history between these sides show us that we may be in for an entertaining and high-scoring game. Players like Anisimov, Gaborik, Couture and Marleau should seal the deal in the Nationwide Arena tonight. Tune in to this one, because this will be a good match!

Our pick: Over 5.0 goals (Including OT and Penalties)
Odds: 1.97 @ Pinnacle
Units: 4

Our pick: Marian Gaborik scores
Odds: 3.00 @ Betsafe
Units: 2

– RavenXXIII.

NHL April 9th

Not the best night yesterday with only 0,65 units coming in. Today we look to get some more income with the Rangers who hopefully will continue their good run.

Toronto Maple Leafs – New York Rangers (April 9th | 01.05)

Our pick: New York Rangers ML (Included OT and Penalties)
Odds: 1.87 @ Betsafe
Units: 3

Our pick: Over 5.0 goals (Included OT and Penalties)
Odds: 1.73 @ Betsafe
Units: 2

Our pick: Rick Nash scores
Odds: 2.85 @ Betsafe
Units: 1

– RavenXXIII.

NHL April 8th

3 out of 3 yesterday. A great night for us. We hope that happens again tonight.

I have been busy this weekend therefor no big explanation. But I believe the Capitals will continue their good form and win again tonight.

Washington Capitals – Tampa Bay Lightning (April 8th | 01.05)

Our pick: Washington Capitals ML (Included OT and Penalties)
Odds: 1.65 @ Betsafe
Units: 5

Our pick: Alex Ovechkin scores
Odds: 2.40 @ Betsafe
Units: 1

Columbus Blue Jackets – Minnesota Wild (April 8th | 00.05)

A game where the offensive players will dominate and produce some goals. Im talking about players like Zach Parise and Marian Gaborik.

Our pick: Over 5.0 (Included OT and Penalties)
Odds: 1.79 @ Betsafe
Units: 4

– RavenXXIII.

NHL April 7th

I have little time today. So it will be no explanations for the picks.

Florida Panthers – Washington Capitals (April 7th | 01.35)

Our pick: Washington Capitals ML (Included OT and Penalties)
Odds: 1.81 @ Unibet
Units: 3

Our pick: Over 5,5 
Odds: 2.00 @ Unibet
Units: 3

Our pick: Alex Ovechkin scores
Odds: 2.30 @ Unibet
Units: 1


NHL April 5th

And we are back in a good steam. 2/2 yesterday as the Rangers destroyed the Penguins. I was able to watch the first two periods, and I was impressed by the forechecking the Rangers put on. If they play like that for the rest of the season, they will be a serious candidate to win the Stanley Cup.

But enough about yesterday, we move on and look at tonights matches.

Washington Capitals – New York Islanders (April 5th | 01.05)

The Caps take on the Islanders home in DC. This will be a tight and fun game, guaranteed. As the Caps are aiming for the playoff-spots, they’ll need to win this game at home. The Islanders are located just 3 points ahead of the Caps in the Eastern Conference. The home-ice advantage + the massive powerplay the Caps stand for this season, should seal the deal. We also believe this will be a high scoring game, so tune in if you can.

Our pick: Washington Capitals ML (Included OT and Penalties)
Odds: 1.74 @ B365
Units: 5


Our pick: Over 5,5 goals (Included OT and Penalties)
Odds: 1.89 @ Betsafe
Units: 3

– RavenXXIII.