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NHL April 5th

And we are back in a good steam. 2/2 yesterday as the Rangers destroyed the Penguins. I was able to watch the first two periods, and I was impressed by the forechecking the Rangers put on. If they play like that for the rest of the season, they will be a serious candidate to win the Stanley Cup.

But enough about yesterday, we move on and look at tonights matches.

Washington Capitals – New York Islanders (April 5th | 01.05)

The Caps take on the Islanders home in DC. This will be a tight and fun game, guaranteed. As the Caps are aiming for the playoff-spots, they’ll need to win this game at home. The Islanders are located just 3 points ahead of the Caps in the Eastern Conference. The home-ice advantage + the massive powerplay the Caps stand for this season, should seal the deal. We also believe this will be a high scoring game, so tune in if you can.

Our pick: Washington Capitals ML (Included OT and Penalties)
Odds: 1.74 @ B365
Units: 5


Our pick: Over 5,5 goals (Included OT and Penalties)
Odds: 1.89 @ Betsafe
Units: 3

– RavenXXIII.


Summary – March

The blog got off to a fantastic start. We’ve had a great month going 23/35 + 1 voided. We started the month with 200 units and ended up with a total of 258,55 units. Which is a 29,28% gain. This month has been all NHL, the next one will also contain MLB which starts up tonight! We’ve also had a couple of great streaks going 7 in a row on two occasions.

Wins: 23
Losses: 12
Voided: 1

Units start of month: 200,00
Units end of month: 258,55
Longest Streak: 7

Overall Stats Mars


– Salt.

NHL March 25th

Current streak: 4

Calgary Flames – St. Louis Blues (March 25th | 01:05)

This is a game Calgary has to win as they’re on a 3-game losing streak. Flames are better at home than away and need we believe that together with the fact that the Blues played last night will be the key-elements which will tip this match in favour of the Flames!

Our pick: Calgary Flames ML (Included OT & Penalties)
Odds: 2,1 @ B365
Units: 7

Colorado Avalanche – Vancouver Canucks (March 25th | 01:05)

Colorado’s season is pretty much over and all they got to play for are spots in the rotation and we believe that the Canucks will take this as they have to keep the points coming in. The last time Avalanche beat the Canucks was in 2011!

Our pick: Vancouver Canucks ML (Included OT & Penalties)
Odds: 1,68 @ B365
Units: 7

– RavenXXIII

NHL March 22nd

Today we will just give a brief introduction to our picks due to lack of time.

Buffalo Sabres – Toronto Maple Leafs (March 22nd | 00:05)

– Sabres improving lately
– Home ice advantage
– Maple Leafs played last night

Our pick: Buffalo Sabres ML (Included OT & Penalties)
Odds: 1.86 @ B365
Units: 5

Ottawa Senators – Boston Bruins (March 22nd | 00:35)

– Bruins won’t lose 3 in a row
– Need the points to not lose contact with the teams above
– Physical advantage Bruins
– Bruins second line is very good and we believe they will contribute to the goalscoring tonight (Bergeron)

Our pick: Boston Bruins ML (Included OT & Penalties)
Odds: 1.66 @ B365
Units: 5

2nd pick: Patrice Bergeron (To score)
Odds: 3.50 @ Betsafe
Units: 3

– RavenXXIII

NHL March 21st

Yesterday we got our first 0/2. We knew these defeats would come at some point, unfortunately they ended our streak. But from every defeat there is a lesson to be learned. These next picks we will use some less units as we want to be sure that we’re back on track before we pick it up again. We’ve had a fantastic run with 12/13 of the first picks and a streak at 8 picks so we’ll hope you stick with us for now!

Detroit Red Wings – Minnesota Wild (March 21st | 00:35)

Two great rivals clash together in what we hope will be a game that’ll be remembered for a long time. We believe that the atmosphere will be phenomenal and we find some value in the Red Wings as they take home ice advantage! Hopefully we’ll get alot of action, and that guys like Kronwall, Datsyuk and Zetterberg will give us a great show. Both teams are on winning streaks so it will be a close one. ML is advised.

Our pick: Detroit Red Wings ML (Included OT & Penalties)
Odds: 1.74 @ B365
Units: 5


Toronto Maple Leafs – Tampa Bay Lightning (March 21st | 00:05)

The Maple Leafs got Lupul, one of their wingers back before last game, where he put in a great effort. Together with Kessel and Van Riemsdyk he could be one of the players to tip the game in The Maple Leafs favour. After losing the marathon-shootout last game they should have that extra motivation needed to secure this victory at home. They’re in great need of 2-points here today.

Our pick: Toronto Maple Leafs ML (Included OT & Penalties)
Odds: 1,74 @B365
Units: 5

– RavenXXIII

NHL March 17th and 18th

We move on from yesterdays loss and look forward to the games to be played this afternoon and tonight.

   Pittsburgh Penguins – Boston Bruins (March 17th | 17:35)

The Penguins take on the Bruins today in the Consol Energy Center for an early match. Last time  they met, the Penguins came back from being 0-2 down to win 3-2 after a solid 3rd period performance. In this game the Penguins also outshot the Bruins with 18 shots. The Penguins have won eight games in a row and are looking for number nine this afternoon. You can never underestimate the Bruins who have also been quite good recently with four wins in their last five games. Bruins goalie Anton Khudobin started yesterdays game against the Capitals, so that means the Penguins will likely see No. 1 netminder Tuukka Rask today. We think this game will be much like last time they met, a tight affair where the Penguins come out on top. Lets hope Sidney Crosby gets his game going alongside his teammates

Injury list:
Evgeni Malkin, upper-body.

Chris Kelly, broken leg.
Marc Savard, post-concussion syndrome.


Our pick: Pittsburgh Penguins ML (Included OT and Penalties)
Odds: 1.71 @B365
Units: 5

   Washington Capitals – Buffalo Sabres (March 18th | 00:05)

Tonights second pick will be the Caps against the Sabres. Two disappointing teams so far this season. Hopefully the home-ice advantage will be a factor here today. We all know the class that the Caps posses, but unfortunately they havent managed to show it so far this season. With players like Bäckström and Ovechkin, they should get better results. The same has to be said about their opponents with players like Pominville and Vanek. This is a huge game for the winning side with the teams located on 13th (Sabres) and 14th (Caps) in the Eastern Conference. With this in mind, we think the Caps will come out on top in todays game. Lets hope that Ovechkin can show some good old class.


Our pick: Washington Capitals ML (Included OT and Penalties)
Odds: 1.74 @ B365
Units: 10

– RavenXXIII

NHL March 17th

With 7 out of 7 picks things seem to be going our way, we’re set to continue in that fashion. Today there are 13 matches to be played, and these are our picks:

Toronto Maple Leafs – Winnipeg Jets (March 17th | 00:05)

220px-Toronto_Maple_Leafs_Logo_1939_-_1967.svgOur first pick is the Maple Leafs. The Maple Leafs have been struggling lately, with only one point in the last 4 games. Their visitors from Winnipeg, have been pretty good lately with seven points in their last 4 games. In the Eastern Conference we find the Maple Leafs located as number 7 with a point more than the Jets on the spot behind. Today we predict that the Maple Leafs will work hard to keep the Jets behind them on the table with a win in Toronto. The home ice advantage might be vital in these kind of games. Lets hope players like van Riemsdyk, Kessel and Bozak get their dangerous game going.

Our pick: Toronto Maple Leafs ML (Included OT and Penalties)
Odds: 1.74 @ B365
Units: 10

Florida Panthers – New York Islanders (March 17th | 00:35)

We will stick with the Islanders for our 2nd pick. After beating Tampa Bay Lightning two days ago, they are still located in Florida. Today they meet the Panthers which aren’t in the best shape. The lack of goalscoring ability has really been showing this season, and their position on the table proves that. They are on the bottom of the Eastern Conference. While the Islanders had a day off yesterday, the Panthers played the Bruins away and lost 4-1. Even though the Panthers haven’t been that good this season, it’ll probably still be a tight game  but we believe that the Islanders will come out on top. We believe that the Islanders leave “The sunshine state” with a total of 4 points in their two games there.


Our pick: New York Islanders ML (Included OT and Penalties)
Odds: 1.80 @ B365
Units: 6