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NHL April 12th

A very bad night yesterday when the Rangers lost. But we need to get things going again.

Here are the picks for tonight.

Washington Capitals – Carolina Hurricanes (April 12th |  01:05)

This will be a good game where the offensive players will dominate. I believe Ovechkin will continue his good form and contribute with a goal. If Carolina wants something from this game, a player like Eric Staal needs to be at his best. I believe he will at least get one point out of this game.

Our pick: Alexander Ovechkin scores
Odds: 2.35 @ Betsafe
Units: 1

Our pick: Eric Staal over 0,5 points
Odds: 1.60 @ Betsafe
Units: 1

Minnesota Wild – St. Louis Blues (April 12th | 02:05)

The recent games between these sides have ended with St. Louis as the winner. Tonight I think the Wild will get their revenge home in Minnesota. I believe Zach Parise will be the difference in a very tight game that may go to OT.

Our pick: Minnesota Wild ML (Included OT and Penalties)
Odds: 1.92 @ Betsafe
Units: 3

Lets hope things work out better tonight, LEGGO!

– RavenXXIII.


NHL April 10th

A small profit yesterday even tough the Rangers lost. It was a close game that could have gone either way, but the Leafs came out on top. Rick Nash scored two goals to help with the over-play.

Columbus Blue Jackets – San Jose Sharks (April 10th |  01.05)

I believe this will be an high-scoring game. The history between these sides show us that we may be in for an entertaining and high-scoring game. Players like Anisimov, Gaborik, Couture and Marleau should seal the deal in the Nationwide Arena tonight. Tune in to this one, because this will be a good match!

Our pick: Over 5.0 goals (Including OT and Penalties)
Odds: 1.97 @ Pinnacle
Units: 4

Our pick: Marian Gaborik scores
Odds: 3.00 @ Betsafe
Units: 2

– RavenXXIII.

MLB April 10th

As we went 2/2 on MLB yesterday with 1 bet voided by a late run in the last inning. I find myself on a hot streak even tho I didn’t have quite the best feeling about my picks yesterday as I knew some of them would be close as the void showed. Today I haven’t got alot of time on my hands so I’ll try to summarize shortly todays 3 picks.

Current streak: 5

Philadelphia Phillies (Cliff Lee) – New York Mets (Dillon Gee) (April 10th | 01:05)

Todays first pick is picked for the following reasons: 1) The great odds. 2) The Mets are hot and the Phils are not. 3) The Phillies has had trouble getting runs while the Mets have been pounding in run after run. #Value

Our pick: New York Mets
Odds: 2.70 @ B365
Units: 1

Washington Nationals (Gio Gonzalez) – Chicago White Sox (Jake Peavy) (April 10th | 01:05)

1) Interleague play advantage Nationals as they play at home. Should have  a clear advantage over the White Sox 2) Gio Gonzalez on the mound for the Nats winning a total of 21 games last year. 3) The Nationals in great shape with one of the best collective teams in baseball, was last year the team with the most wins. 4) The Nats are great at home going 50-31 last season, only the Yankees had a better record. 5) The Nats went 69-45 vs right handed pitching while the White Sox went 23-24 against lefthanders.

Our pick: Washington Nationals -1.5
Odds: 2.40 @B365
Units: 2

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (CJ Wilson) – Oakland Athletics (Jarrod Parker) (April 10th | 04:05)


Todays main pick will be the Angels who haven’t gotten off to the best of starts even tho the expectations for the team are extreme. This will be their home-opener and I believe they’ll be hungry to impress the Los Angeles crowd with new signings such as Josh Hamilton and Chris Iannetta. 1) The Angels won 8/10 against Oakland at home last season. 2) Albert Pujols seems to be in shape 3) It is unclear if Cespedes and Reddick will start for the A’s. If they don’t it will be a huge loss for the A’s starting lineup. 4) The Angels has had two rough opening series against though opponents in the Reds and the Rangers. The A’s has had two easy opening series against the Astros and the Mariners.

Our pick: Los Angeles Angels -1.5
Odds: 2.35
Units: 3


MLB April 8th-9th

As we went 3/3 in yesterdays picks lets hope we got a streak going. I don’t feel all comfortable with todays games so I’ll give you 3 lower unit bets. I’ve decided to pick matches that aren’t starting at the same time so I can focus on each game in a mannerly fashion. I wish us all luck tonight! 🙂

St. Louis Cardinals (Jaime Garcia) – Cincinnati Reds (Mat Latos) (April 8th | 22:15)

Todays first pick is played for two reasons. The first, here we got two offensive powerhouses who can drive in runs galore. The second is the good value in the odds. The Reds impressed everyone in their matchup against the Nationals especially when they brought six earned runs on Stephen Strasburg (!!!) So if I should pick a winner here I would say the Reds but I prefer to bet that this game goes over 8.0

Our pick: Over 8.0 runs
Odds: 2.05 @ B365
Units: 1


Texas Rangers (Alexi Ogando) – Tampa Bay Rays (Jeremy Hellickson) (April 9th | 02:05)

Both teams here are able to both close down other teams and break open defenses. Therefore this is a risky bet, but I still believe there is value here. Yesterday there was alot of wind in Arlington which brought regular fly balls to become Homeruns if they were hit in the right area of the field. I don’t know how the conditions are today. Still we here have two decent pitchers. Hellickson was raped his last time around giving up five earned runs over 6.1 innings. It’s worth noting that it was against the powerful Orioles. I think he’ll be back in last years shape in todays outing. The two main reasons for this pick is the high line and the great odds. #Value

Our pick: Under 9.0 runs
Odds: 1.90 @ B365
Units: 2

San Francisco Giants (Madison Bumgarner) – Colorado Rockies (Jorge De La Rosa) (April 9th | 04:15)

The Rockies has gotten off to a great start 5-1 while the Giants has struggled in some of their starts. It should be said that the Giants have faced two though opponents while the Rockies has been a little bit luckier with their matchup as they faced the Padres and the Brewers to open the season. Here there is a huge difference in the opening pitcher. Madison Bumgarner is one of the best pitching prospects there are going 16-11 last season and got off to a perfect start against the Dodgers giving up zero earned runs in 8.0 innings of work. Lets hope for another stellar performance from the lefthander as his opponent is the opposite. A struggling veteran, who only lasted 4.1 innings last game with an ERA of 8.31. This could get ugly, if it’s going to get ugly you need Pablo Sandoval and Buster Posey to heat up so this one is also a bit risky as the Giants have been a little bit inconsistent and struggling offensively.

Our pick: San Francisco Giants -1.5
Odds: 2.35
Units: 3

– Salt.

MLB April 7th

After taking some resting days we hope to be back on top of our game. Tonight I’ve found a couple good plays. As the latest day I feel more and more comfortable with some of my picks and will therefore increase the use of my units a little.

New York Mets (Aaron Laffey) – Miami Marlins (Jose Fernandez) (April 7th | 19:10)


The “amazing” Mets has gotten off to a good start currently 3-2. They hosted the Padres at home in the first round and kept it up last night beating the Marlins. The Marlins will start the rookie Jose Fernandez and as this is his debut in the Major league I believe we might see alot of nerves right from the off. The Mets has also shown good shape lately which makes me believe they’ll take this one home. The odds is also playable which means this will be our first pick of the day.

Our pick: Miami Marlins
Odds: 1.76 @ B365
Units: 3

Tampa Bay Rays (David Price) – Cleveland Indians (Justin Masterson) (April 7th | 19:40)

This play is the riskiest today. The Indians has been shutout by the Rays and tonight it’s the two aces on the mound. Justin Masterson was exceptional in his first outing against the notorious Blue Jays. I hope to see another stellar performance from the right hander. David Price is one of the best at his job going 20-5 last season. The main reason I put down this bet is the value, the fact that the Indians have improved their offense in the offseason and the fact that they lost the first two games. I don’t think they’ll be swept here with their ace on the mound. Still a low-unit bet.

Our pick: Cleveland Indians
Odds: 2.80 @ B365
Units: 1

Philadelphia Phillies (Cole Hamels) – Kansas City Royals (James Shields) (April 7th | 19:35)

Philadelphia Phillies v Cincinnati Reds

Again we have a though pitching duel. This is my main pick of the day. The fact that Cole Hamels was horrible in his first outing were he gave up 5 earned runs in 5 innings really convinced me. It’ll be fun to see how he rebounds from that at home vs the Royals. If the Royals get under his skin early this might get nasty! Shields on the other hand gave up 1 in his first 6 innings. The Royals lost a close game yesterday and beat the crap out of the Phillies the first time around. I believe this game will be close, but I think the Royals will pick the longest straw. The odds is also very good which is why I see alot of Value her!

Our pick: Kansas City Royals
Odds: 2.17
Units: 5

– Salt.

MLB April 4th and 5th

Getting negative numbers for the first time of the season was a bummer going 1/3 on the main picks last night. But we need to get back on that horse and bring those numbers in. As predicted Sandoval contributed with a homer, and luckily the Dodgers didn’t manage to damage the Giants even tho Lincecum managed to walk 6 batters. The Giants were very focused and great in the tight spots last night. Today I’ve decided to go with fewer picks in hope of raising the profit a bit!


Chicago White Sox (Gavin Floyd) – Kansas City Royals (Jeremy Guthrie) (April 4th |20:10)

The Royals has lost their two starting games at U.S. Cellular field! I believe tonights game will be the turning point for the Royals. Guthrie did ok in Spring training while his opponent Gavin Floyd had a horrible spring! Why the odds is in favour of the White Sox I don’t really understand. The Royals have been up against two great pitchers in the first two games and has to get in the win column tonight. The Royals were the best team overall in Spring training going 25-7, no other team was even close to that! Together with the odds this is a fantastic play if you ask me.

Our pick: Kansas City Royals
Odds: 2.14 @ B365
Units: 4

New York Yankees (Andy Pettitte) – Boston Red Sox (Ryan Dempster) (April 5th | 01:05)


This pick you’ll find shocking. I actually believe that the Yankees will be swept at home in their opening series at HOME! Well, I’ve got my reasons. Granderson looks to still be on the DL, the offense haven’t been producing at all. Especially Cano has been icecold. The Yankees didn’t splash the cash this season and I believe that this might be a terrible year for the Yanks if they don’t make some changes. Ryan Dempster is a force on the mound and with the Red Sox offense red hot you don’t have to be a genious to try to take advantage of the once again great value there is in this play!

Our pick: Boston Red Sox
Odds: 2.12 @ B365
Units: 2

Toronto Blue Jays (Mark Buehrle) – Cleveland Indians (Brett Myers) (April 5th | 01:05)

The last pick is a risky but valuable one. The Blue Jays are predicted to be one of the elite teams this year. They’ve lost both opening games at home to Cleveland but their offense is able to deliver alot of power and should be able to produce alot of runs if they just get started. I don’t think they’ll be swept at home with this team and Mark Buehrle is an experienced pitcher at the mound which should be able to lead this team hopefully to a large victory.

Our pick: Toronto Blue Jays -3.5
Odds: 4.35 @ B365
Units: 1


NHL April 4th

Just 1 out of 2 yesterday when the Lightning lost to the Panthers on penalites. The Coyotes beat the Stanley Cup champions 3-1 as we expected. But we are 5,25 units up already this month, and tonight we look to extend our unit income.

New York Rangers – Pittsburgh Penguins (April 4th | 01.35)

The Penguins visit the “Big Apple” for a matchup against the the Rangers. The Rangers won two days ago against the Jets after excellent powerplay killing. They finally scored some goals, which has been their main problem this season. Rangers have lost all three previous games against the Pens this season, so revenge must be written all over them. Since the last time they met, there has been some changes in the squads. Rangers have signed Mats Zuccarello from the russian KHL, while the Pens have traded Jarome Iginla to their squad. Sidney Crosby, Pens captain, is out until May due to a fractured jaw.

We think that tonights game will be a very good game. Hopefully with a lot of goals and hard tackles. Rangers are slowly improving. Henrik Lundqvist was back at the level you expect from him with some fantastic saves against the Jets two days ago. If the powerplay killing is as good as last match, they have a very good chance to win this game.

Our pick: New York Rangers ML (Included OT and Penalties)
Odds: 1.83 @ B365
Units: 5


Our pick: Over 5.0 (Included OT and Penalties)
Odds: 1.77 @ Betsafe
Units: 5

– RavenXXIII.